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6. Live YOUR Dream

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Everybody has a dream of sort, but for many of us our dreams never leave the imagination stage. We don’t take the necessary actions to create our dreams into a reality. Often, it’s difficult to know how or where to start. For me, it all roots back to a pen and paper: writing out your ideas and goals. How many great ideas have you forgotten only because you didn’t note them? You never know what may follow from a spark of creativity, but most certainly nothing if it’s soon forgotten.

Writing out my goals and ideas has been instrumental in getting me where I am today. Before I started Alston for Athletes, I wrote out three entrepreneurial ventures that I wanted to pursue at some point. It was clear that the second and third would need to be started after I was more financially established, so I began focusing all my energies on the venture that was attainable in a shorter period of time.

What I found most helpful was dividing my larger goal into smaller more manageable micro goals. I had 5 main goals, but those were too big to stick on a daily to-do list. By breaking that larger vision into segments that I could achieve in weeks or months, it made achieving my dream something that could feasibly be done. Micro goals enable you to attack your bigger goals in smaller increments, and the process of breaking a large goal into smaller ones helps you see that it’s far from impossible to make your dream into a reality.

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