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9. Strive to Evolve

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Are you satisfied with where you are in life? Do you seem to be living pretty comfortably? If so, I’m going to challenge you to start stepping outside of your comfort zone. Life tends to get pretty routine when you are living in the comfort zone, you will feel pretty content with where you are. But do you really want to live a repetitive life?

When you begin to step outside of your comfort zone, you make yourself very uncomfortable. I’m a firm believer that, being uncomfortable helps you achieve things that you didn’t even think were possible. You will never know what you do and don’t like if you always remain comfortable. In order to step outside of your comfort zone, trying thinking of something that you’ve always wanted to do but have but have been hesitant towards it due to fear. Once you figure out what that is, go for it and do not look back! Make the uncomfortable, comfortable!

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