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 Scholarship Program

Traditional scholarships are typically applied to a student-athlete’s student balance. Through this process, there is no way for the student-athlete to use their scholarship funds for anything other than tuition, meal plans, and other functions directly related to their school. Many student-athletes are not in a position to work while they are in school and often the stress of balancing school and sports schedules is what contributes to mental health problems.

Our Scholarship Program is designed to help collegiate athletes who have lived experience with mental health or illness. We connect student-athletes to vetted clinical sport psychologists, where they will receive free mental health services throughout the school year. 


AFA will launch this Scholarship Program in collaboration with The Hidden Opponent & Morgan's Message. Our scholarship winners will receive the following:

1.) $1,500 towards mental health services

2.) Free access to a Clinical Sport Psychologist who has been trusted by either PYSPACT or the USOPC

3.) Up to 12 sessions

4.) Career Development 

5.) Opportunities to collaborate on content 


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