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At AFA we are thrilled to have you help us bring attention to mental health, an issue that is unfortunately ever present, under treated, and stigmatized within the athlete community and beyond.  As a current or retired athlete, coach, or referee, you have valuable first hand experience to help ensue change. 


All athlete’s stories are important. We want to share them. We welcome and encourage you to send content you are comfortable sharing for us to promote on our social channels. 


Content ideas include but are not limited to:

  • A testimony or personal story about mental health as a video or a blog post

  • A short quote and action photo of the speaker

  • An interview with an athlete or coach in the form of a video or blog post 

  • Information from a credible, peer reviewed study. 


Content Submission Directions:


  1. Identify a story you want to share, contact the person whose story it is, and decide through what means you want that story to be shared. 

  2. Gather the necessary information (quotes, photos, videos, interviews, etc.) 

  3. Edit and refine your submission to a professional, publishable standard. If you are not able to do so on your own -- for example, you feel that your content piece would make a great video or IG live, but you’re not sure how to go about that. Please reach out to AFA’s Director of Marketing & Fundraising, Erin Keaveny, at for assistance. 

  4. Provide your name, email, the title of your submission, the submission type, and a short caption of your content submission. 

  5. Attach your submission -- photos, videos, audio and documents are all accepted. 


Please contact AFA’s Director of Marketing & Fundraising, Erin Keaveny, at with any questions you may have. To find out how to get more involved in our organization, please go to

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