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10. Be Loyal

The final rule of success is being loyal. If you're on the verge of success, it is crucial to remain loyal to the ones who’ve remained loyal to you. Many of us often forget that we are raised by a village. Our parents and family aren’t the only people who've help mold us into who we are. We all are born into family, but friends are the family that we choose.

How have I applied loyalty to the endeavors that I’m currently pursuing? By getting my friends involved. My friends mean the world to me and without them, I wouldn’t even be where I’m at today. When I pursue entrepreneurial ventures, my friends are always in the back of my mind. I always think about how I can help them and get them involved in what I’m trying to do. If I find myself stuck with something, I always reach out to a friend to get his or her opinion. My friends have always given me tremendous feedback and they ultimately are the ones who keep me going. Getting my friends feedback shows how much I care about them and their opinions. I pray that I can become successful enough to the point where I’m in a position to employ some of my friends, then they will not have to work a 9-5 for the rest of their lives.

So how can you show loyalty to the ones around you? I believe the first step is to getting those around you involved with what you are trying to pursue. If you get others involved with what you are trying to do, it will create a ripple effect and they will most likely follow in your footsteps. The second step would be giving back to those who've helped you with what you're trying to pursue. If you do become successful, take care of those who took care of you when times were difficult. Don’t let any amount of fame and money change your persona!

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