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3. Find a Leverage Point

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The third rule for success is finding a leverage point. Leverage is a combination of the power to influence people and situations in order to achieve a specific outcome as well as the power of self-awareness. You must know yourself, your skills, weak spots, and strengths before you can identify a point of leverage. Being able to leverage circumstances and situations to your advantage is a primary driver of innovation. For those who are resiliently successful, a point of leverage often reveals itself just when things start looking bleak. At times, it can feel like there isn’t a leverage point available, but usually, it just takes a shift in perspective to finally see it.

Where have I found leverage recently? Well, I decided to start a mentoring program for athletes to help them through their trials and tribulations throughout life and their respective sport. Because there isn’t a lot of discussion around physical, mental, and emotional health issues in sports; I’ve seized the opportunity to fill that void. I knew it had potential to be successful because these problems are just gaining awareness and interest among the general public, but I was still taking the risk that it wouldn’t be.

Whenever you take a risk, especially one you know is worth taking, you start becoming more attentive to where the right leverage points are located. Because we are a startup, we don’t have fully staffed departments to serve all of our needs. This means that a lot of responsibilities that may be out of my area of expertise still need to be taken care of, but I’ve taken a hurdle and turned it into a leverage point. Instead of succumbing to the feeling of defeat, I began expanding my skills

et to meet our company’s needs.

You can change obstacles into opportunities by looking for a leverage point, and if one isn’t immediately apparent to you, keep searching because there’s always one there. There’s always a need that hasn’t been met, a desired service that isn’t being provided, and always a niche (or space) for you to fill with your proprietary self. [It’s easy to get stuck in a mentality of viewing everything as having been done, discovered, or explored, but this mindset isn’t based on reality and is incredibly self-defeating.] Use passion to guide you towards your path, and if you find a path that’s heavily worn, think of how you can create a different one. Leverage yourself and your circumstances along the way, and it will keep you moving towards success.

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