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Don't Be A Yes Man! It's Okay To Say No!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When you are involved in so many ways at your school it is only inevitable to be asked to do things by your coach, teachers, friends, family, ect. Especially when you become better at balancing many tasks, you are considered to be reliable. When people trust you they often ask you to handle favors because they know you will do them right. It is extremely rewarding to do things for others, although, when you are already busy it is difficult to take on everything. Like many other people, it is often easier to say yes. Even if you know you will be stressed later on, the thought of telling someone no and being disappointed in you seems worse in the moment. 

In reality in order for you to keep your balance mentally, taking on one more thing may put your personal tasks on hold which in return may make you feel swamped. Getting used to saying no is key. What people don’t realize is that most of the time if you say no correctly people are more understanding. When you explain to that person why you can’t do what they are asking and how adding one more thing to your plate will make you feel a certain way, most people will be receptive. They may even look at you as more mature for being honest and prioritizing your needs. The reason why they may be asking you to do a task is because they do not have the time as well! You can’t always please everyone but the most important person in your life is you! So don’t be a yes man! It is okay to say no!

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