Appreciate the Almost

“Thank God for the highs. Thank God for the lows. Thank God for the almost.” - Thomas Rhett, “Almost”

Here’s some food for thought for your Wednesday :)

I think the “almost” is something that is often resented by athletes, and people in general. Every injury, elimination from a tournament, or misstep that costs the team the win, has a reason. It’s important to recognize that reason, even though in the moment we tend to feel sorry for ourselves and place blame elsewhere. My dad always told me that champions have short term memory, they don’t carry the negatives with them. After going through my own experiences, filled with what feels like too many of these “almost” moments, I can say I agree with that statement, but not to its full extent. Yes, it’s good to not feel the sadness and pain that comes with loss of any kind because it can hold you back from finding greatness, but on the other hand, that “almost”, happened for a reason. Remembering it over and over allows us to really absorb what happened and analyze how it happened, how it affected us, and what we can learn from it. Without being able to remember that pain, I think there’s a lack of motivation or sense of urgency to right your wrongs, or achieve something that you never thought you could. 

Similarly, when analyzing these “almost” moments, we can take a wrong turn and make them into reasons for self doubt. As an athlete, that’s your worst enemy. It’s tough because with physical limitations, you can typically find a way whether it’s through rehab, conditioning, or adjusting the way you f