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Use Your Free Wisely

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

You finally get done your homework, you don’t have practice, what do you do now? The options are endless but you should never over indulge. It is good to spend time with friends but too much of anything is not good. By taking your free time and putting it in the areas that need a little TLC will help you throughout your week. I often use my free time in a number of ways but my two favorites would be self care and getting ahead in my work. 

Taking care of yourself is vital because when you are not at 100% you can not accomplish the stuff that you want to do. Self care is a need, not a want in your life. We all have things we don’t want to do, for me that thing is usually homework. In my free time I make the effort to complete my homework or a project way before it is due. It may be silly but life is unexpected, you never know what is going to be added to your plate throughout the week, month, or year. By using your free time wisely you never have a wasted day. It will likely create a more relaxed schedule where you are able to balance your life better with one less thing hanging over your head.

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