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Time Management

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

As a student athlete you can often hear us being known to be everywhere at once. In reality we are running around trying to tend to the many different directions we are being pulled. This is because we can’t just put all our time and attention into one thing, we have to disperse it into our education, our sport(s), and our personal lives. We wouldn’t want it any other way but one of the ways we can better balance ourselves is through time management. A huge help would be to make time slots for your week. By dedicating time to each aspect of you life alleviates the unknown and stress of what is to come. 

For example your classes are in the morning then you go to practice and after that you have free time. The free time on Monday through Friday can be devoted to homework whereas your Saturdays and Sundays can be time for your personal life. I personally have found that Sundays are a great day to reset yourself for the upcoming week and make sure you have the time scheduled for the week. By implementing and changing a few things in your week to week plans it will give yourself a more balanced life which will give you healthy habits throughout your life.

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