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Lisa Devine

Policy & Advocacy Director


As Policy & Advocacy Director, Lisa oversees AFA’s advocacy for increased mental health
awareness in the athletic community. Her work is dedicated to reducing stigma, building
recognition of behavioral and mental distress, and removing barriers to accessing mental health
Lisa has a background in community mental health (working with children and families), is a
licensed therapist in the State of Ohio (LPCC), and has a 15-year career as an account director
for marketing/design agencies that includes account leadership, organic business growth,
relationship building, and budget oversight.
Her teenage son is a cross-country/track & field athlete. She witnesses the pressure he and his
teammates put on themselves to reach their goals on a weekly basis while keeping up with high
academic demands, juggling part-time work, friends, and extra-curricular events like music,
clubs, and volunteering. All on top of maintaining physical and mental acuteness.
Lisa is determined to normalize mental health by integrating it into our federal and local
discourse. Her ultimate goal is for mental health and physical health to be seen as each other’s

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