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  • A higher proportion of students- 30.5% compared to 21.9% the prior Fall, reported that their mental health negatively affected their academic performance on at least six days during the prior four weeks (Health Minds Network, 2020)

  • 96% of college athletes feel stress about their athletic performance; 27% sometimes, 51% often, 18% most of the time (CWP SA Mental Health 2017 Survey

  • Vidic, St. Martin (2017) did mindfulness interventions with a Women's Division I NCAA Basketball team and found mindfulness reduced stress and increased athletic coping (Vidic, St. Martin, and Oxhandler, 2017)

  • Approximately 60% of college male athletes and 50% of female college athlete's report binge drinking, compared to 44% of non-athlete college students (Brenner & Swanik, 2010)

  • Eating disorders in male college athletes vary from 0-19% and in female college athletes 6-45%                        (Bratland-Sanda & Sundgot- Borgen, J., 2012)

  • 66% of college students report the pandemic has caused them more financial stress and 35.7% say they've moved to a new living environment as a result of the pandemic (Health Minds Network, 2020)

  • 40% of college athletes have sought professional help in balancing the stress of athletics and academics                         (CWP SA Mental Health 2017 Survey)

  • 76% of college student-athletes feel that their sleep is negatively affected by stress; 34% sometimes, 25% often, 16% most of the time (CWP SA Mental Health 2017 Survey)

  • Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death in 15-24 year old's (CDC, 2016)

  • 51% of college student-athletes we're unsure or unlikely to go to the University's counseling center                         (CWP SA Mental Health 2017 Survey)

  • Overall, female college athletes are almost two times more likely to experience sports-related depression than their male counterparts (Wolanin et al., 2015)

  • Hunt and Eisenberg reported a meager 18% of college students seek treatment when struggling with poor mental health (Hunt & Eisenberg, 2010)

  • In a recent study, 25.7% of college student-athletes did not know how or where to access mental health treatment at their university (Cox, 2015)

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