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Neumann U87 Ai Serial Number




Top 6 eBay sellers of $100 or more in the last 30 days: (2) The $1 Neumann U87 I made with an arduino. The U87 with L/R is just a dead U87A with the original cone replaced by a new silicon one and a 3 pin XLR (female) socket for an L/R that you put on top. Total cost of parts is around $3.50. See pictures for details. Oct 20, 2559 BE I have just bought a second hand NU-87A-Ai for a starting price of a few dollars. There's no serial number on the mic. I can't see one under the cup but the mic is 2 y.o. (2) Jan 19, 2561 BE Photo: The only serial number I could see was from the top of the cup, but I don't think that would be an indication of age. (2) May 2, 2562 BE From memory, you can't get the serial number if it's not on the box. (2) Thanks to Paul for this photo of the serial number. The serial number can be found on the base of the microphone cup. (2) Please note that this mic is marked "AI." I've also seen the legend "manufactured in." It might not be an indication of age. (2) I haven't been able to find the serial number on the Neumann U87 online. Is there another place to look for it? Thanks for any help. (2) I found out what the serial number is on the U87, actually it's on the inside of the cup! (2) Feb 14, 2563 BE Hi. I have been asking this question for a while but I just noticed that my U87 AI has an 09 serial number. I have no idea how old it is but I found this in a Neumann site: "For collectors only" and says "manufactured in (country) years.". (2) I just got an AI last week and I noticed that the serial number on it is 08. I am going to be performing live soon and need to know the age of this mic. What would be a good way to find the date of manufacture without opening the mic? (2