Meet the Intern

My name is Kyle Simmonds and I am one of the interns for Alston for Athletes. I’ll be working mostly on blogging. So, the best way for you guys to know me is for me to start by blogging on my own journey.

Like most athletes, I started at a young age. As far back as I can remember I had a whiffle bat or a soccer ball to play with. My parents tried to see what sport I was best at, and to keep me active. I ended up taking up both soccer and baseball and later took up football.

For many, mental health in sports is not something that’s talked about until you hit high school. For me, that’s exactly around when it started.

I have three older sisters, two of which played college softball, one at Dayton and one at Ohio Dominican. They were in college during my high-school years. So I was able to see how sports impacted them