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Don't Procrastinate!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

It is easy to find yourself avoiding tasks big or small especially if it is stuff that doesn’t interest you or if it just seems like there is too much looming over you. We all love to do things that we are interested in. Although in anything we do there is going to be stuff that we just don’t want to do because it may be hard, boring, or insignificant. In order to be more balanced we need to put these tasks first. I have found that by completing tasks I would often procrastinate on before I do anything else has helped me to stay more motivated. 

If we procrastinate when we have things piling onto our plate it is good to organize things and start somewhere. When you pick one thing to do, it takes one thing off your plate. Getting into the habit of taking tasks and slicing them down to mini tasks makes it easier to start and finish. When we don’t procrastinate and just do it, it can give you more time for other things you truly enjoy. You will find yourself having time to accept that last minute invitation to hang out with your friends instead of saying no because you have an assignment due in a few hours because you waited until the last minute. When you get ahead of the game you have more time to put into your personal life, sport, and education.

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