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2. Keep it as pure as possible

In last week’s blog, I discussed how having a strong sense of faith eliminates doubts about yourself, your passions, and your capabilities. Faith in yourself is the first ingredient for success. Keeping that sense of faith is the first rule for success. The second is keeping it pure. We usually associate the word “pure” with religion and faith, which can lead us to neglect its richer meaning. What is purity’s deeper meaning? Goodness or wholesomeness. Keeping it pure doesn’t mean keeping it perfect or flawless; it’s keeping it wholesome or good.

This rule is the one that grounds me and orients me towards pursuing what I value most. I’m that type of person who can take helping others a little too far and neglect my own well-being, so for myself, keeping it pure is all encompassing. It means keeping the whole pure and making it for the good of all, including oneself. As an athlete who struggled to balance my own mental and emotional health with my physical health, I have found my path to keeping it pure, and that path is to give back to other athletes who are facing similar issues.

In all your endeavors, try focusing on what you can give to others and not what you can get for yourself. You’ll discover that in giving to others, you receive a feeling of gratification and fulfillment that you can’t achieved through anything else. If you’re the only one benefiting from what you are doing, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. God created us with the intention of pursuing the good. Does your new endeavor display acts and intentions of purity? If so, then you’re on the path towards personal fulfillment and success. If not, try brainstorming on how your venture can benefit the well-being of others. If not, don’t think of yourself as falling short or become discouraged. We all lose sight of what’s important from time to time. Instead, revamp your energy by thinking of ways your talents and skills can be used to benefit others

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