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Alon Fishman

Outreach Coordinator


Alon Fishman is a dedicated professional with a passion for fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change. Currently, Alon serves as the Lead of Guest Experience at lululemon, where he leverages his expertise to create exceptional and memorable experiences for every guest.

He also plays a vital role as the Corporate Outreach Coordinator at Alston for Athletes, a position where he harnesses his commitment to community engagement and outreach, focusing on mental health for athletes.

Prior to these roles, Alon's journey in creating impact led him to positions such as Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) Council Member at Horizon Health Services, Endeavor Health Services, and Erie County’s Suicide Prevention Coalition. During this time, he championed diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that resonated deeply with his values.

Alon's academic journey includes achieving a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo. His academic foundation, combined with his dynamic experience, has equipped him with a profound understanding of psychological dynamics and effective communication.

In addition to his professional roles, Alon is recognized for his polished public speaking skills and has delivered compelling presentations on subjects close to his heart. He remains deeply committed to mental wellness and community enrichment causes, having previously worked in the non-profit sector focusing on mental health and substance use issues.

As an individual driven by impact, Alon continues to explore new horizons, seeking fresh opportunities to contribute to positive change. His journey exemplifies his unwavering dedication to leaving a lasting mark in every venture he undertakes.

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