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Cherokee Washington

Operations Director


Cherokee Washington is a Critical Sport Researcher, Sport Scientist, Cultural Competency Consultant, and Qualitative Researcher. She possesses a Master’s of Art in Sport Psychology from McGill University, as well a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Honors Rhetoric Studies from Whitman College. Cherokee’s area of expertise lies in the intersection of coaching science, understanding and maintaining coach-athlete relationships, and implementing culturally competent approaches and frameworks into coaching praxis. More specifically, as a Cultural Sport Psychology researcher, Cherokee is deeply knowledgeable in comprehending and unpacking complex, intersectional socio-political issues in sport that often lead to the inclusion and exclusion of certain groups and individuals based on antiquated, colonial methods used within Sport Sciences. Although her current thesis study (which is in the process of preparation for publication) focuses on the effects of race on relationships between Black University level football players and their coaching staffs, Cherokee’s broad understanding of Cultural Sport Psychology includes the ability to discuss and understand the ways in which diverse athletes are affected by policies, coaching approaches, performance concepts, and other related phenomena in sport based on their gender, ethnic background, and other identity aspects.

Moreover, Cherokee is well-versed in concepts of general Performance and Sport Psychology not only through her MA degree, but through her experiences as a collegiate volleyball player and coach of color in the United States and Canada. Cherokee has worked with volleyball athletes of various identity backgrounds at the high school and University level. In her 14+ years of playing and 4+ years of coaching experience, Cherokee has developed her personal coaching philosophy and integrated her education in Sport Psychology to enhance, comprehend, and improve the performance of the athletes she works with through a culturally competent lens.

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