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Danielle Koelbel

Graphic Design Intern


Danielle Koelbel is Alston for Athletes’ Graphic Design Intern for Spring 2023. Danielle is a recent high school graduate who elected to take a gap year before attending college. She currently resides in Massachusetts. She will matriculate to Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota in the Fall of 2023. Danielle began swimming at a young age so her parents could take her sailing. She participated in sailing (yes, as a sport!) and swimming until she reached high school and chose to focus on swimming. She plans to continue her swimming career at the collegiate level and committed to swim Division III at Macalester last spring. Danielle is passionate about athlete mental health due to her experiences with mental health struggles as an athlete and as part of her broader interest in public health. She believes that larger systems as well as smaller organizations such as Alston for Athletes have the opportunity to positively impact mental health for large groups of people. Danielle hopes to study public health in college and beyond. In her free time, she enjoys swimming (obviously!), hiking, sewing, and reading.

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